Energy Walk Game

On this page, you'll play the game Energy Walk, one of your best free kissing games!!! Find love in the heart of the dessert and let it bloom between the king and queen of the dessert in this fun camel kissing game! A young camel finds love in the eyes of other camel in the middle of a hot dessert in this game. This camel needs your help to find his soul mate by kissing the female camels of the other tribes. He needs a friend who can help celebrate their love by helping them kiss in the middle of the dessert. The other camels come in various heights, so he has to continuously increase or decrease the length of his neck so he can reach the proper height to kiss each camel that comes his way. You have to help him increase or decrease his neck length and as he walks he will kiss all the other camels who come his way. You will also collect extra points along the way within a given time limit.

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Energy Walk Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Camel Kissing game with the LEFT CLICK option of your mouse. LEFT CLICK on the PLAY button in the shape of a red heart to start playing the game. CLICK every time you come across a female camel to increase or decrease the camel?s neck length. CLICK repeatedly to adjust the height. Bonus points in the form of apples and hearts help you kiss the other camels easily. Collect a red heart to increase the length of his neck for a while, and all the other camels will come up to his height for a while. To kiss camels of same height, LEFT CLICK and HOLD. If you lose a level CLICK on PLAY AGAIN button to start playing again.
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