Eva Rescue Tom 2 Game

On this page, you'll play the game Eva Rescue Tom 2, one of your best free girls games!!! Eva Rescue Tom 2 is a fun game where you need to help Eva rescue her friend Tom. You need to cross hurdles and jump off cliffs in order to reach to the cage where Tom has been imprisoned. The game will keep you occupied for hours. Follow the simple instructions given while you are playing the game to achieve your target easily. The game uses some very good graphics.

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Eva Rescue Tom 2 Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The game has quite simple controls which makes it easier to play. Click on PLAY to begin the game. After that use the UP key to jump up in the sky and walk on stones. When you need to suck use the letter S or the DOWN key on your keyboard. The LEFT and RIGHT key help you navigate back and forth in the game. Read the hints that will be shown to you in between the game.
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