Fairest Princess Makeover Game

On this page, you'll play the game Fairest Princess Makeover, one of your best free princess games!!! Turn a geeky looking plain Jane into the fairest princess of the town with the Fairest Princess Makeover game. Your princess avatar is completely dependent on you to give her looks the magic touch of your fashion sense, and you get to give her a makeover from scratch. Start with cleaning and scrubbing her face, taking care of the pimples and giving her a facial of your choice. The first level of the game takes place in the royal bathroom, where you will apply the scrub, the face cream and clean her pimples and her eyebrows to get her ready for the makeup session. When you are done, you move to the dressing room of the princess in the next level. You will find the princess waiting in front of her dresser, on which the items of makeup are kept. Choose a hairstyle, and a tiara, and adjust the colors according to your choice. Before you start the makeup, you can choose the color of her eyes and her skin, and then move on to the blush on, lipstick and eye makeup. Choose the shape of her eyebrows by clicking on the tweezers icon. Move on to the next level by clicking on the arrow on the top of the screen. The next level is the scene where you will choose her dress. If flowing gowns are not what you are looking for, choose a pair of stylish pants with a well fitted corset and a scarf to go with the look. End with matching shoes and bag. Share the end look with your friends on Facebook, Twitte and Google+, and you can also name your character and save a soft copy of the image.

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The Fairest Princess Makeover is a game you can play easily with just a CLICK of the mouse. Begin playing by clicking on the PLAY button, and navigate the scenes with the ARROW buttons placed on the top left corner of the screen. You can move to the Main Menu by clicking on the Menu bar on the right side of the last page, and you can Reset the game by clicking on the Reset icon. Compare the look of your character between how the princess looked before and after makeup. The Facebook, Twitter and Google+ icons help you share your image.
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