Figurines Room Escape Game

On this page, you'll play the game Figurines Room Escape, one of your best free escape games!!! You are trapped into a well decorated room of figurines. While looking for the exit, you will find different precious things in the room, that are hidden in a scattered way on different corners of the room. You have your own search light to find out the way. While knocking at different parts of the room, to get your exit to the room you will notice precious things like jewels, maps and other valuable things. You need to collect these worthy things to make them safer. Once you will get your way to exit, you will escape with these prestigious materials. So look in every corner of the room to make your searching more valuable.

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Figurines Room Escape Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICk on PLAY button top start the game. While you find the pointer , CLICK on every corner of the room. When you notice a flash near the mouth of the mouse pointer. CLICK on the place to get a valuable thing. Once you see the material, CLICK on it. To go back to the room, CLICK on the floor. Look out the collections of your find out materials on the Extreme Right side square shaped bar of the game stage..
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