Fireball Run Game

On this page, you'll play the game Fireball Run, one of your best free power rangers games!!! In Fireballs Run game, you need to protect your zounds from the attack of running fireballs that you will face in the track. To move your zounds in the right direction you need to use different keys. Try to protect your zounds from the running fireballs to avoid defeat. The more you will safeguard them, the more score will be added to the scoreboard.

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Fireball Run Game controls, cheat codes, ...
By CLICKing on the PLAY GAME button, you will be able to enter the game.In the game, you will find a track and various running fireballs to move forward. You need to save your zounds by using all the ARROW keys or by pressing W,A,S,D keys accordingly. If you cannot move your zounds in right time from the attack of running fireballs, you will lose the game and need to press on SHIFT bar to play the game once more.
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