Flash McQueen Tuning Cars Game

On this page, you'll play the game Flash McQueen Tuning Cars, one of your best free cars games!!! Welcome to Flash McQueen "Cars" Tuning, where you equip, paint and detail a car character from the "Cars" movies. You have several options to choose from in the categories of hoods, headlights, rims, graphic designs, body color and spoilers. Try to pick a design that blends tastefully with the color, or make an outrageous combination. You can also change backgrounds.

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Flash McQueen Tuning Cars Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Select your choices by clicking on the flag icons repeatedly with the left mouse button until you have the one you want. For body color simply click on the color you want. Click on "Finish" to make the icons disappear and see your choices against an uncluttered background.
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