Floral Prints Dress Up Game

On this page, you'll play the game Floral Prints Dress Up, one of your best free dress up games!!! Summers and holidays are all about bringing out your floral prints from the recesses of your wardrobe and flaunting them with elegance. And the Floral Prints Dress Up game does just that. This fun game is all about dressing up your flower girl avatar in bold floral print dresses and skirts using your fashion expertise. It may not be summer outside, or you may not be able to wear your floral prints when you go out to work, but here in this game you can flaunt your floral prints and match them up with cute shoes, accessories and purses, before you set foot out on a tour of the city. Choose hairstyles in whacky colors to set the mood for your avatar, and choose short dresses or skirts teamed with floral print blouses. Finish with shoes and matching earrings and a cute head band for a sweet look. The options of the dresses and accessories are available on the right side of the game screen for you to choose from. Take your pick and flaunt your style to the world!

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Floral Prints Dress Up Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Floral Prints Dress Up game with the CLICK, DRAG and DROP actions of your mouse. CLICK on an option on the right side of the screen, HOLD and DRAG it on the avatar image and then DROP it to apply the option. Repeat this action for every option you choose. CLICK on the HOME button on the left bottom corner of the screen to change the background of the game screen, and you can place your avatar either on a bay overlooking the sea, or in the flower fields. CLICK on the SHOW button on the bottom of the page to see the final look of your avatar, to begin playing afresh CLICK on the RESET button. On the final screen, the button with the CAMERA symbol allows you to SAVE a copy of the look you have created. The button with the PRINTER symbol lets you take a print of the final look. CLICK on the REPLAY button to return to the beginning of the game, where CLICKing on the PLAY button begins the game.
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