Flying Birds Kissing Game

On this page, you'll play the game Flying Birds Kissing, one of your best free kissing games!!! This cute and fun kissing game will take you into nature?s lap and reinstate your faith in love. Birds fall in love too, and here we have an amorous bird couple that loves to kiss and hug! They are inseparable and all they want to do is kiss and celebrate their love. But they have someone trying to peek into their privacy. You have to help them kiss without anybody looking. A little sparrow is quite curious as to what the two love birds are up to and she keeps landing on the branch to investigate. Help the lovers kiss before the sparrow lands on the branch and stop immediately before the sparrow comes. This can get quite addictive, as you are the only one who can help keep their love alive! Wait for the sparrow to go before the birds get all hot and heavy with each other. Play this fun game again and again and move on to the next level.

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Flying Birds Kissing Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Flying Birds Kissing game with the LEFT CLICK option of your mouse. CLICK on PLAY button to enter the game and begin playing. You will find the love birds sitting atop a tree branch. CLICK and HOLD on the LEFT BUTTON on your mouse to start kissing. RELEASE the button before the sparrow lands on the branch to peek into your private matter. HOLD DOWN on the mouse button and kiss till the sparrow lands on the branch. The timer on the bottom of the page keeps time, and you have to finish the level before time runs out. To complete a level, you have to fill the KISS meter on the bottom of the page and collect required points. If the birdie sees you kissing you lose the level. CLICK on PLAY AGAIN to start playing the level afresh.
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