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On this page, you'll play the game Free Rider 3, one of your best free bike games!!! Free Rider 3 is an exciting and challenging bike riding game where you are offered different kinds of tracks to experiment your bike riding skills. Each featured track comes with a description and a difficulty level, helping you to decide whether it is meant for you! All the controls are similar to other bike riding game; however, each track requires the use of different controls to help you complete the track successfully. Enjoy the different tracks and see how successful you are in each. Quite an interesting and exciting game for bike lovers! The game also allows you to create your own tracks; for that, you need to visit the game creator?s website. Crash and you have to restart your track.

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Click the PLAY NOW button to launch the game. Choose a featured track and click PLAY NOW again to begin playing. You can control the bike by using the UP arrow = accelerate, DOWN arrow = reverse, LEFT and RIGHT arrows = lean back or forward and balance the bike. The other controls are SPACE key = go to menu and the ENTER key = to restart a game. The controls you need to use in a track would depend on the track you choose! Crash and the game ends!
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