Frogtastic Girls Game

On this page, you'll play the game Frogtastic Girls, one of your best free girls games!!! The aim of this game is to find the perfect formula of lipstick in order to catch your perfect prince. You have a variety of ingredients and you may only use each one once. You will need to put 4 ingredients in the cauldron each time. Choose which ingredients you would like to add to the cauldron, mix them all together, then you will have your lipstick. Apply the lipstick and then kiss the frog to see if you have found your perfect prince.

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Frogtastic Girls Game controls, cheat codes, ...
To add the ingredients to the cauldron just click on them and drag to cauldron. To apply the lipstick click the mouse and move it quickly from side to side. To kiss the frog click the mouse as quickly as possible.
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