Glam Bride Makeover Game

On this page, you'll play the game Glam Bride Makeover, one of your best free wedding games!!! Here is a bride who takes her wedding style very seriously. Glam Bride Makeover makes it evident that getting ready for your wedding takes some serious mulling over the smallest of details. The bride in the game could do with a helping hand to get ready for her wedding and you can give her some valuable wedding style tips. The game is divided in two parts. The first part is make-up while the other is dress-up. You can of course interchange the two parts to suits your fancy. Click on dressup or makeup tabs on the bottom of the screen to move on to your favorite part of the game. In the makeup half, the tabs are innovatively designed. The tab reflecting the full length sketch of the bride is where you choose skin color, the one with the ear sketch is where you choose ornate earrings, the head shot sketch is where you get to choose the eye and lip makeup. When you click on a particular eyelash color and shape, a mascara wand appears on the screen and applies it to the bride?s eyes. So you get to see the makeup done according to your choice in real time! Same with the lip color, blush on and eye shadow colors. Choose hair style, dress, shoes, veil and the bridal flowers from similar interesting tabs in the other half of the game.

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Glam Bride Makeover Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Glam Bride Makeover is a mouse based game, and all tabs and options can be maneuvered with the CLICK of the mouse. The arrow buttons on the screen indicate right and left which you can CLICK for the next or previous options. The Dressup tab takes you to that half of the game where you can choose the dress, hairstyle shoes and accessories. The Makeup tab is for the bridal makeup. CLICK on Show to finish the game and see the bride in the background of a wedding celebration.
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