Good Bye Green Game

On this page, you'll play the game Good Bye Green, one of your best free hulk games!!! Good Bye Green is a game that combines both fun and wisdom. This is a game where you need to get rid of the one eyed green creature by removing the blocks on which it has been standing. The twist in the game is that some of the blocks cannot be removed. Hence you must find a way where you can remove the blocks in such a way that ultimately the creature falls to the ground.

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Good Bye Green Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The easy controls of the game makes it simple for you to play. You can start the game by selecting the PLAY option. After that the blocks can be removed by simply CLICKING on them with the help of your mouse. The blue blocks are the ones that cannot be removed. There are twenty one levels in the game. Click on RESTART to play the game again to clear the particular level.
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