Greek Hero Game

On this page, you'll play the game Greek Hero, one of your best free heroes games!!! In the ancient times, the men used to woo the women in true gentleman style. They would showcase their skills of archery and the best woman would choose the best man. In the Greek Hero game, the hero is out to impress the lovely girl who sits by and watches everything closely. He has to hit the bull?s eye and complete all levels to win the love of the woman he admires. This is a test for your target skills too, as you have to help the young man win his lady love. You have a limited number of arrows, so make you sure you hit the bull?s eye every time. Hit the stationary pigs on various platforms at a distance, and then aim at the flying pigs. You will find that the targets become increasingly difficult to shoot with eery passing levels. But you have to clear all levels to finish the game.

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Greek Hero Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Greek hero game with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse. LEFT CLICK on PLAY button to begin playing. Then again CLICK on PLAY to enter game. CLICK on a level to start playing the game. HOLD DOWN and RELEASE mouse button to shoot arrow. Position the mouse button on different areas of the screen to take aim. CLICK and collect bonus arrows in advanced levels, as number of arrows reduces. When you complete a level, CLICK on the PLAY icon to move to next level. To play a level again, CLICK on the REFRESH icon on top of game screen. Follow instructions on screen to shoot all targets.
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