Guess The Pic Batman Game

On this page, you'll play the game Guess The Pic Batman, one of your best free batman games!!! Guess The Pic Batman is one game that Batman fans would love to play. But despair not even if you are not a Batman fan, because this game is so much more than just Batman. You have to take a real guess at the snippets of pictures that appear on the left panel of the screen and then match them to the reference pictures of Batman and his friends in action on the right panel of the screen. The millionaire by day, hero by night is back, beating up the bad guys and restoring order in his beloved city, and you have to guess which picture is being referred to. This takes keen observation powers, and you have to keep your concentration level high to excel in this game. One false click and you lose the game. The snippets keep getting smaller as you reach higher levels of the game.

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Guess The Pic Batman is a mouse based game. You have to CLICK on the correct reference picture to match it with the snippets appearing on the screen. Observe closely as the snippets disappear as fast as they appear on the screen. If you finish the game by completing all levels, or lose a level, the game prompts you to feed your name and country into the system. It will save your score, so you will be pitted against international players in this game.
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