Gun Games

Gun games and assorted First Person Shooters are likely among the most popular games that exist, and for good reason! Who wouldn't want to try testing out a number of powerful realistic combat arms against dangerous virtual enemies or even against non-threatening targets. You are sure to find plenty of exciting shooting adventures in this category of Flash games. Read more about our 92 gun games ...

Gun games are quite varied in the way they are designed, so there is something for everybody. Whether you are a fan of old World War II weapons or prefer the latest guns on the market, you will certainly enjoy practicing your shooting skills in these games. A typical gun game will have a graphical interface where you will see the gun on the right-hand side of the screen, and a cross-hair in the center for easier target acquisition. All you have to do is point at your enemies using the mouse and fire by clicking the left mouse button. Other controls may activate additional weapons, and there are all kinds of weapons available for you to use at will. Some gun games are FPS style 3D shooters, while others are conventional side-scrolling games where you can see your character fighting on the map. Use pistols, sawed-off shotguns, mini-guns, snipers, and even cannons to defeat dangerous moving targets before they defeat you!
  1. Shooter Job 3 Gun
  2. Glock-17 Gun
    Glock-17 Gun 0 7245 Glock-17 Gun Glock-17 Gun
  3. M69 Special Unit Gun
  4. Madness Scene Creator Gun
  5. Balloon Shooting Gun
  6. Gunblood
    Gunblood 0 3294 Gunblood Gunblood
  7. Doraemon Gun
    Doraemon Gun 0 2876 Doraemon Gun Doraemon Gun
  8. Urban Warfare Gun
  9. Wild Pistol Gun
  10. Camper-Strike Gun
  11. Bush Royal Rampage Gun
  12. King of Golden Gun
  13. Blood Vs Crips Gun
  14. Cowboy Duel Gun
  15. Intense War Gun
  16. 13 More Days in Hell Gun
  17. Weapon Gun
    Weapon Gun 0 947 Weapon Gun Weapon Gun
  18. Farm War Gun
    Farm War Gun 0 872 Farm War Gun Farm War Gun
  19. Pistol Training Gun
  20. The Shooting Range Gun
  21. Hired Gun
    Hired Gun 0 769 Hired Gun Hired Gun
  22. Nobuyuki Forces 3 Gun
  23. Charles 007 Gun
  24. Bush Shoot Out Gun
  25. Counter Kill Gun
  26. Xiao Xiao Gun
  27. Presidential Street Fight Gun
  28. Cyber UF2 Gun
  29. Shoot'M Gun
    Shoot'M Gun 0 569 Shoot'M Gun Shoot'M Gun
  30. Flash Crisis Gun
  31. Desert Rifle 2 Gun
  32. Flash Strike Gun
  33. Attack of the Influenza birds Gun
  34. Ricochet Kills 2 Gun
  35. Base Defence 2 Monster Gun
  36. Sift Heads Gun
  37. Attack Time Gun
  38. 2010 Gun
    2010 Gun 0 426 2010 Gun 2010 Gun
  39. Gun Crazy
    Gun Crazy 0 405 Gun Crazy Gun Crazy
  40. Stress Relief Paintball Gun
  41. Obama Versus Zombies Gun
  42. 13 Days in Hell Gun
  43. Gunbot
    Gunbot 0 371 Gunbot Gunbot
  44. Simpson Cemetery Gun
  45. Canyon Shooter Gun
  46. Local Mafia Gun
  47. Quickdraw Gun.5
  48. The Handy Man Gun
  49. Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2 Gun
  50. Squirt Gun Bandits
  51. Abaddon Demon Hunter Gun
  52. Lucky Luke Gun
  53. Gangsta Gun
    Gangsta Gun 0 296 Gangsta Gun Gangsta Gun
  54. Mafia War Gun
  55. Street War Gun
  56. Paintball Babes Gun
  57. Mobster Whack-a-Mole Gun
  58. O.R.A. Gun
    O.R.A. Gun 0 222 O.R.A. Gun O.R.A. Gun
  59. Zombie Korps Gun
  60. Hostility Battle Garden Gun
  61. Santa Strike Gun
  62. Zombie 2 Last Night Gun
  63. Undeath or Dying
  64. Mission R4 June Gun
  65. Vinnie's Shooting Yard Gun
  66. Shoot West Gun
  67. Steampunk Killer Gun
  68. Ultimate Strike Down Gun
  69. V-Bat Trigger Gun
  70. Ultimate Gun Rage
  71. Cosplay Cemetery Gun
  72. Urban Soldier Gun
  73. Zombie Erik Gun
  74. Waterpucho gun
  75. Ball War Gun
  76. Battle for Planet Zogran