Hair Games

Do you like styling your hair? If you have always dreamed of becoming a hairstylist but never had the chance to pursue that dream, you can at least play these hair games for free. Get the chance to style men's hair, women's hair ? and even pets' fur. Have fun playing! Read more about our 100 hair games ...

You can actually style the hair of different Hollywood stars and pop music celebs, including Rihanna, Shakira, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. But if you would rather play games with more than hairstyling to do, there are several games here with interesting plots. For instance, in Devilish Pet Salon, you have to look like an angelic hairstylist when the pet owners are looking. But once they turn away, you can start wreaking havoc on the pet's fur and try to give him the most devilish styling you can think of. Another version of this game is Devilish Hairdresser. But in this game, you have to deal with people instead of pets. There's also Hair Mania 2. Here, you need to help Miss Bea come up with hairstyles that are out of this world. Other games are much simpler, offering you the chance to style a woman's hair, such as Hairstyle.
  1. Salon Escape Hair
  2. Hair Dresser Style
  3. Cindy Hairdresser
  4. 3D Hair
    3D Hair 0 1562 3D Hair 3D Hair
  5. Angelina Jolie Hair
  6. Devilish Hairdresser
  7. Color Sample Hair
  8. Devilish Pet Salon
  9. Beyonce Hair
    Beyonce Hair 0 714 Beyonce Hair Beyonce Hair
  10. Decorate Your Hair Salon
  11. Wedding Hair
    Wedding Hair 0 600 Wedding Hair Wedding Hair
  12. Free Cut Hair
  13. Let's Make Hair
  14. Hairstyle Design
  15. Cindy Hairdresser 2
  16. Haircut for Dogs
  17. Hair Styler
    Hair Styler 0 464 Hair Styler Hair Styler
  18. Hair Stylin'Salon
  19. Selena Gomez Hair
  20. Shakira Hair
    Shakira Hair 0 392 Shakira Hair Shakira Hair
  21. Omyhead Hair
    Omyhead Hair 0 391 Omyhead Hair Omyhead Hair
  22. City Salon Hair
  23. Right Hair Wedding
  24. Haircut Sue
    Haircut Sue 0 325 Haircut Sue Haircut Sue
  25. Hair Rihanna
    Hair Rihanna 0 306 Hair Rihanna Hair Rihanna
  26. Bratz Makeover Hair
  27. Miley Cyrus Hairstyle
  28. Katy Perry Hair
  29. Big Mama's Salon Hair
  30. Bratz Babyz Ponyz Hair
  31. Cutie's Hairdressing Salon
  32. Dating Time
    Dating Time 0 254 Dating Time Dating Time
  33. Cool Hair
    Cool Hair 0 249 Cool Hair Cool Hair
  34. Blonde Hairdressing
  35. Haircut and Makeover
  36. EMO Style Hair
  37. Kelly's Summer Jobs Hair
  38. Hair Mania 2
    Hair Mania 2 0 238 Hair Mania 2 Hair Mania 2
  39. Hairstyle Wonders
  40. Rara Hair Salon
  41. Young Girl Hair
  42. Nice Woman Hair
  43. Hair Salon Decoration
  44. Pop Star Hair Studio
  45. My Hair Styles
  46. Catch Up With Dress Up
  47. Salon Sue Hair
  48. Multicolor Dress Up
  49. Manga Hair
    Manga Hair 0 167 Manga Hair Manga Hair
  50. Right Hair Emo
  51. Wedding Hairstyle Rush
  52. Rihanna Hair
    Rihanna Hair 0 159 Rihanna Hair Rihanna Hair
  53. Princess Hairstyle
  54. Hollywood Hall of Fame 4 Hair
  55. Billu Hair
    Billu Hair 0 155 Billu Hair Billu Hair
  56. Hollywood Hall of Fame 2 Hair
  57. Hair Shop Decoration
  58. Modern Hair Styles Game for Girls
  59. Hair Style
    Hair Style 0 140 Hair Style Hair Style
  60. Haircut Fashion 2
  61. Little Girl Hair
  62. Hair Dressing Salon For Bald Men
  63. Hairstyle and Dress Up
  64. Modern Haircut
  65. Dress Up Gal
    Dress Up Gal 0 131 Dress Up Gal Dress Up Gal
  66. Young Man Hair
  67. Hair and Makeup
  68. Holloween Hair Studio
  69. Sweet Stylin Hair
  70. Haircut Modern Woman
  71. Haircut Blond Girl
  72. Perfect Hair 2
  73. Right Hair Victorian
  74. Hair as you Want
  75. Hairshop iBravo
  76. Right Hair Star
  77. Holiday Preperation
  78. Hair Makeover Contest
  79. Dog Hair
    Dog Hair 0 103 Dog Hair Dog Hair
  80. Perfect Hair
    Perfect Hair 0 100 Perfect Hair Perfect Hair
  81. Right Hair
    Right Hair 0 99 Right Hair Right Hair
  82. Hair Makeover Contest 2
  83. Hair Dressing Salon
  84. Hair Salon Mixed