Happy Summer Time Game

On this page, you'll play the game Happy Summer Time, one of your best free dress up games!!! Summers are happy times, with all the beach outings, sun cream, cooling it off in the shade and wearing all those itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis! But then you could also get a sun burn if you are not too careful in the sun. Here is a game where you can have all the fun of sitting under an umbrella in the beach and soaking in the sun, and yet without putting one foot out in the sun! the Happy Summer Time game allows you to create an avatar of yourself soaking in the sun, in a variety of sundresses or bikinis if you please applying exotic sun creams to keep your skin soft and smooth. Choose a hairstyle for yourself, and a sun top to go with a cute short skirt or a pair of really short hot pants. The panel on the right side of the screen looks like a bamboo board where you can hang your clothes and sun hat, and sets the mood of the game. The game background is set in the beach, with the waves lapping at the shore, and if you are looking to relax for while, it will do you good to head straight for this virtual beach! Choose earrings, neckpieces, sandals or shoes and your sun cream, along with a hat and sun glasses to save your eyes from the sun. sit at the beach stylishly all day, and create different avatars of yourself, getting dresses in fashionable bathing suits without spending a penny!

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Happy Summer Time Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Begin the Happy Summer Time game with the CLICK of the mouse. This game can be played by CLICKING on the mouse, and you can CLICK on the PLAY button to begin. To move to different tabs that contain the options of dresses and accessories, CLICK on the ARROWS on the top of the bamboo panel on the right side of the screen. The tabs will slide to reveal more options. CLICK on SHOW button to see the final look you created. CLICK on RESET to begin afresh. You can share the look with your friends on Facebook by CLICKING on the Facebook button on the screen.
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