Hillblazer FMX Dirt Bike Game

On this page, you'll play the game Hillblazer FMX Dirt Bike, one of your best free dirt bike games!!! Reveal the trick out from your bag at the Hillblazer FMX game by Gimme 5 Games. You have to clear the courses offered by performing your stunts to gain more points. If the biker and the motorbike flips over, the game will end and you have to retry the stage.

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Hillblazer FMX Dirt Bike Game controls, cheat codes, ...
For the game's controls, press the up button to accelerate and the down arrow button to hit the brakes. Press the left button to lean the motorbike and the biker's body backward. Meanwhile, the right arrow button leans both biker and bike forward. Press the number buttons to perform tricks.
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