Hobo 7 Heaven Game

On this page, you'll play the game Hobo 7 Heaven, one of your best free beat em up games!!! Hobo Heaven 7 has Hobo at the gates of Heaven after having killed Satan. However, Hobo?s not so pleasant behavior makes him unwelcome at this place. So, Hobo goes about troubling everyone with his weird and unpleasant ways. Hobo?s means of attack are quite unpleasant, but with every progress there are new key combinations to implement his dirty acts. If Hobo gets hit by the angels and souls in heaven, his life meter depletes. The game comes with a rating of PG 13, so it is not an advisable gaming app for small kids.

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Hobo 7 Heaven Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click PLAY! to launch the game and choose a difficulty level ? EASY, NORMAL, or HARD. You can control Hobo by using UP arrow = move up, DOWN arrow = move down, LEFT arrow = move back, and RIGHT arrow = move forward. A = punch and S = kick. Double Tap A = pick up and throw objects. A + S = puke, A + W = throw halo, W + S = double kick, A + S + D = flip out tongue. Keep a tab on Hobo?s life meter. Kill all others in heaven to progress!
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