Holiday Time Game

On this page, you'll play the game Holiday Time, one of your best free dress up games!!! Take a virtual holiday with the Holiday Time game and have fun dressing up your holiday avatar in fashionable clothes without spending a single penny! The game provides options of fashionable clothes that are hot off the runway, and you can choose all those clothes for your avatar and mix and match them over and over again in different looks you create. You can play this game many times, each time with different options so you have an avatar who is fashionable and steps out in style every time. Find options for dresses and gowns, both long and short, in colors ranging from pristine white to funky floral prints. These will set the mood for the day depending on which places your avatar would be visiting on her tour of the city. If dresses are too formal, you can opt for shorts and tops for a casual sporty look. Try out heels for her feet or sneakers depending on whether it is a musical evening or a walk through the streets of the city. Pick out matching accessories and a hairstyle to go with the entire look and your avatar is ready for the time of her life! Star shaped tabs on the left of the screen provide the options.

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Holiday Time Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Holiday Time game with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse. Enter the game by CLICKing on the GO button and then start playing by CLICKing on PLAY. Each tab contains options of items of a particular group, and to check out the options, CLICK on a tab. CLICK repeatedly for subsequent options, and go on to the next tab, when you are done choosing from the previous one. CLICK on the DONE button on the bottom of the page to finish a game. The screen closes shuts down from either side to reveal the final look you have created. CLICK on PLAY AGAIN to start playing from the beginning.
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