Homer the Flanders Killer Gun Game

On this page, you'll play the game Homer the Flanders Killer Gun, one of your best free gun games!!! In 'Homer The Flanders Killer: The Second Edition' you control beloved cartoon slob Homer Simpson. The aim of the game is to kill not only Ned Flanders but the entire Flanders 'clan' (including Rod, Todd, and Maude) in a variety of situations. Head-shots will earn you 5 points and a shot anywhere else on their bodies will only earn you 3 points, though each shot will be a one-hit kill. As well as Homer and the Flanders family, a raft of Springfield regulars will crop up from time to time (such as Moe the bartender and Mayor Quimby), but be careful to avoid them, any stray shots that hit anyone other than a Flanders will result in a penalty.

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Homer the Flanders Killer Gun Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Your laptop trackpad or desktop computer mouse controls Homer's shotgun and the left button acts as its trigger. Later levels can be unlocked via a password system in the options menu.
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