Hulk Kissing Game

On this page, you'll play the game Hulk Kissing, one of your best free hulk games!!! Every super hero has a weak point and so does Hulk. He is hopelessly in love and cannot spend one moment away from his girlfriend. On the other hand they cannot kiss when their enemies are around as they do not want them to know about their relationship and stay vigilant. Stop kissing as soon as any enemy appears. Th aim is to fill the kissing bar before time is up.

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Hulk Kissing Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The controls of this game are simple and hence will not com in your way of fun. You can make them start kissing by clicking the LEFT BUTTON of your mouse. Release the button as soon as you see anyone around and this will make them stop kissing. Keep a track of the kissing bar shown on the screen. Take care that it does not run to zero as it will end the game.
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