Hulk Games

The Hulk is such a popular comic book character that many games have been inspired by it. A powerful green monster who feeds on his own anger, the Marvel character Hulk is now part of many Hulk games, all of which are free. Play them all if you can. Enjoy! Read more about our 57 hulk games ...

The games in this collection are of different types. For instance, in Hulk vs. Wolverine, you get to complete a puzzle by figuring out where each puzzle piece goes before the next one is shown. If you like other puzzle games, you can try the Hulk puzzle from Juegos Diarios. The puzzle is tricky, with almost 50 pieces to put back together. But if puzzles give you a headache, try playing the Play 4 Hours Hulk game. It's a no-brainer that has great graphics ? and all you need to do is smash everything you see in sight. Just spare the ambulance because it might turn you back into your human form. This game is great for people who would rather take it out on a game than on people. If you would rather play racing or car games, try Hulk Truck. Have fun deciding which game you want to share with friends!