Hunting Games

If you love hunting games, then you will certainly enjoy the all games available on this website for hours of entertainment. There are dozens of fun activities to explore. From hunting on land, underwater or from the air, you will find the genre that suits your type of game play. Read more about our 54 hunting games ...

These games are highly addictive and you will have many hours of enjoyment. In "Duckmageddon" for example, your character hides in the grass beside a lake. As the ducks fly upward off the water, you shoot them by using the mouse pointer. Be sure to reload frequently so that you do not run out of bullets. With each level more ducks fly at faster speeds to keep you busy shooting and reloading. If war games interest you, then perhaps you would enjoy "Terrorist Strike vs Counter Strike". You can choose one of four levels to begin game play. The background music adds to the intensity of the game. Whatever kind of hunting or chase games you enjoy, check out this site first for addictive, fun entertainment. Be sure to share your favorite games with friends on Twitter, Google +1 and Facebook. They will thank you for finding such fun, addictive games.