Ice Racing 3D Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ice Racing 3D, one of your best free snowmobile games!!! Enter the ultimate racing game on top of snow capped mountains and leave your competition behind by driving your snow mobile at full speed! Navigate your motorbike expertly through the bends and ridges and leave your opponents behind with ease. Keep up your speed and never slow down for the others are hot at your heels! Touch the yellow boxes and the green boxes to collect bonus points and save time, so you can reach the finish line way ahead of the others. Make sure not to drive into the ice on the side of the road, or your tyres will skid and you will be delayed. The Ice Racing 3D will get your adrenaline pumping as you race through the snow covered tracks. Collect the red bubbles on the ground and get some extra acceleration on your speed to reach your destination faster!

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Ice Racing 3D Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on the PLAY button to begin playing the game. The Ice Racing 3D game comes in three different levels. LEFT CLICK on a level to choose and play it. LEFT CLICK on LEVEL 1 inside the level you choose to play. Once you have cleared the first level, you can move up to consequent levels. The game will be played with the keyboard keys. The UP ARROW is for ACCELERATION, the DOWN ARROW is for the BRAKES, the RIGHT ARROW is to go RIGHT and the LEFT ARROW is to go LEFT. If you lose a level, LEFT CLICK on the TRY AGAIN button to begin playing the level again. Collect all bonus points along the way by touching them while navigating your motorbike.
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