Ice Rider 2 Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ice Rider 2, one of your best free snowmobile games!!! The ice rider is out on an adventure. He will ride on the rocky ridges of the mountains. These mountains are not ordinary ones, since these are covered with treacherous snow and virtually every peak or ridge is a death trap for a rider who braves the cold and harsh temperatures. You are the only one who can help our motorbike enthusiast complete levels and win the game. Use your motoring skills to steer this biker to safety by finishing all levels. Only driving will not do, since he also has to collect stars along the way. Speed up and finish a level, but don?t topple over! You have three lives to play the game and win a level. If you lose all three of them, you have to start from the very beginning! Speed up and win!

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Ice Rider 2 Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Ice Rider 2 racing game with the precision of a professional rider. Use the LEFT CLICK option of the mouse to begin the game. CLICK on the PLAY icon to start playing. Once you enter the game, you have to use the ARROW keys on the keyboard to play the game. UP ARROW is for ACCELERATION, DOWN ARROW is to SLOW DOWN and GO BACK. RIGHT ARROW helps the rider to STAND UP and COLLECT STARS. LEFT ARROW is for CONTROLLING SPEED AND SLOWING DOWN. Use the three lives to play a level. CLICK on the PLAY icon to replay a level when you lose all three lives.
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