Iron Man 2 The Secrect Game

On this page, you'll play the game Iron Man 2 The Secrect, one of your best free iron man games!!! Iron Man -2 The Secrect is a fun puzzle game. There are many sets of puzzle in the game so even if you cannot solve one you can move to the other. You will be given two pictures of character from the very famous Iron Man move. You have to be very vigilant and spot the differences in the two pictures within the short span of time given to you. Every wrong answer will deduct marks.

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Click on PLAY to begin this very interesting game. You need to look at the pictures carefully and find the difference given in the second picture. As soon as you spot the difference you need to CLICK on that region for it to be counted. The time track will show you the time left. Click on NEXT PUZZLE to move to the next picture. You can click on ANSWERS to see the differences being marked on the image.
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