Jasmine Colouring Page Game

On this page, you'll play the game Jasmine Colouring Page, one of your best free aladdin games!!! This is a princess jasmine colouring page. Simply select one of the pictures from the right hand side of the page in order to begin colouring. Your mouse arrow will transform into a paintbrush. You will then be able to click on any colour you wish to choose from the palette that appears on the bottom right hand corner. The tip of the paintbrush will then turn in to the colour and you will need to simply click on the picture to colour that particular part of the picture. You can use as many colours as you wish. Then simply enter your name and the picture will appear as you have completed it.

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Jasmine Colouring Page Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Simply click on the colour with your mouse and click again on the picture to colour it.
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