Johnny Test Hidden Letters Game

On this page, you'll play the game Johnny Test Hidden Letters, one of your best free heroes games!!! Johnny Test is a bright guy with a smart dog, but when it comes to finding the letters of the alphabet, both seem to take a beating to it. Johnny?s sisters have given Dukey the ability to be intelligent, but when it comes to the letters of the alphabet, he loses his train of thought! Now Johnny has a task at hand, and Dukey definitely won?t be of help, as it involves letters! Johnny has to finish his homework within a time frame or else his sisters Susan and Mary will drag him into their laboratory and use him as guinea pig again. But he seems to have lost his letters and he can?t write his homework! Help him along with Dukey to find the lost letters and save himself! The alphabets are hidden very close, and you will need a magnifying glass to look for them. Look everywhere, on Johnny?s hat, on Dukey?s head, on the tree in the garden, on the watering pot. Wherever you think possible or impossible, use your magnifying glass to identify the letters and save the day.

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Johnny Test Hidden Letters Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Johnny Test Hidden Letters with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse. CLICK on the START button to begin playing the game. There are levels which you need to complete to finish the game. Mind you there is a timer running, so you have to be quick to look up the letters. HOVER your mouse on the game screen. The mouse cursor will turn into a magnifying glass with which you can see better. When you spot an alphabet through the glass, CLICK on it to make it disappear. There is a counter of letters on the bottom of the page. It contains all the alphabets you have to find. Once you find one, the alphabet tab deletes the corresponding alphabet. This helps you to know how many are done, and how many left to go.
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