Last Day of Camp Game

On this page, you'll play the game Last Day of Camp, one of your best free dress up games!!! Camping in the woods is always fun. What is more fun is when you have made great friends and are carrying back a souvenir with all the beautiful memories. Dress up your camper avatar in the Last Day of Camp game, where you are getting back home on the last day of camp after a few days of fun, frolic and great learning experiences. Make your avatar look exactly like you by changing the color of her hair and the color of her skin. Add shoes and a skirt or shorts depending on how you feel about the outdoors with a lovely weather. Put on a hat for your avatar, partly to save her hair from the sun and the winds, and also to add spunk to the look you are creating. What is a camp without a lovely souvenir? Pick out one and add it to your avatar image. Don?t forget to add a backpack of your choice too? for if you have to be fashionable in the outdoors, you definitely have to have a stock of workable yet chic clothes. You can add tattoos to your avatar?s face so people know it has been a great camping experience. Save the look on your computer or share it with friends on Facebook. Either way the world will know you had a fashionable camping experience!

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Last Day of Camp Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Last Day of Camp game with the LEFT CLICK option of your mouse. The tabs are on the left side panel of the screen. CLICK on each tab to avail options. Choose an option by CLICKing repeatedly and then move on to the next tab. CLICK on the PRINTER icon to SAVE a copy of the image. CLICK on the FACEBOOK icon to share your camping look with your friends on the social network site. Turn off the music by CLICKing on the MICROPHONE icon on the bottom of the page if you want.
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