Love's First Week Game

On this page, you'll play the game Love's First Week, one of your best free love games!!! You have to help this man if you want to reach the end of each level and find your long lost love. This should not be too difficult, at least in the beginning, because there are not enemies around the levels. There are only obstacles that you need to jump over of push around to reach the door. Each door allows you to get to the next level and brings you closer to your love.

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Love's First Week Game controls, cheat codes, ...
This platformer game can be easily played by LEFT CLICKING on one of the two different game modes available in the menu. Then, as you begin, you can move forward with the RIGHT key or backward with the LEFT key. If you want to jump press the UP key. You can interact with different obstacles and you can press the SPACE BAR to do so. If you are stuck, press the R key to restart the level.
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