Love Games

Everybody wants to fall in love, or so the saying goes. But if you haven't been lucky when it comes to relationships, you can at least try to play these love games. Who knows? Maybe you'll fare better in the virtual world! These games are free; share them with girlfriends! Read more about our 92 love games ...

These love games are reminiscent of role playing games that revolve around relationships. In the game A London Love Affair, you can dress up a couple and see if your taste in fashion is enough to make a pretty picture. In Theater Kiss, a game by Daily Dressup, you have to help a couple kiss in public without getting caught. The longer they kiss, the higher the score ? and once they fill up their kiss meter, they move to the next stage. But if they get caught, your game is over. That game definitely brings out the romantic in you, doesn't it? Of course, if public displays of affection are definitely your thing, try Marilyn Monroe Kiss. Help Marilyn kiss her guy in public without getting seen by bystanders. Watch out for signs that someone is about to turn your way ? stop kissing if that happens. Enjoy and good luck!
  1. Lovely Story
    Lovely Story 0 5891 Lovely Story Lovely Story
  2. Love Tester
    Love Tester 0 4105 Love Tester Love Tester
  3. Nurse Kissing Love
  4. Campus Crush
    Campus Crush 0 3670 Campus Crush Campus Crush
  5. Love Room Hidden Letters
  6. Disco Flirt Love
  7. Frogtastic Love
  8. Chinese Love
    Chinese Love 0 2642 Chinese Love Chinese Love
  9. Gym Love
    Gym Love 0 2501 Gym Love Gym Love
  10. Naruto Love
    Naruto Love 0 2145 Naruto Love Naruto Love
  11. Boyfriend Today Love
  12. Shopping Love
    Shopping Love 0 1066 Shopping Love Shopping Love
  13. Love Hina Sim Date RPG
  14. Cupid Forever Love
  15. Romance Flower Love
  16. Kiss on the Beach Love
  17. Bratz Lover Meter
  18. Sue Love
    Sue Love 0 739 Sue Love Sue Love
  19. Queen of Flirting Love
  20. French Love
    French Love 0 720 French Love French Love
  21. Love Tester Deluxe
  22. Pucca Funny Love
  23. Kiss me Match 3 Love
  24. High School First Kiss Love
  25. Pico Sim Date 2 Love
  26. I Love you
    I Love you 0 546 I Love you I Love you
  27. Justin and Lisa Date
  28. Date Finn Hudson
  29. A London Love Affair
  30. Miley Cyrus Love
  31. Little Paris Trip
  32. Speed Dating Love
  33. Toto's Sweet V-Day
  34. Pico Sim Date Love
  35. Victoria and Beckham Kissing Love
  36. Marylin Monroe Kiss Love
  37. Love Trail
    Love Trail 0 382 Love Trail Love Trail
  38. Tickets 4 Love
  39. Jake and Neytiri Love
  40. Horse Stable Kissing Love
  41. Casanova Kisser Love
  42. Gemstone Castle Love
  43. Catch a Smoothie Love
  44. Wedding Fireworks Love
  45. Schoolbus Kiss Love
  46. Miley's Romantic Kisses Love
  47. Office Love
    Office Love 0 320 Office Love Office Love
  48. Spring Vacation
  49. Cupid's Adventure Love
  50. Marry Justin Bieber Love
  51. Break'Em Up Again Love
  52. Romantic Couple Kiss
  53. Theater Kiss Love
  54. Love Winx
    Love Winx 0 296 Love Winx Love Winx
  55. Kiss or Miss Love
  56. Cooties Love
    Cooties Love 0 289 Cooties Love Cooties Love
  57. Applause Love Quiz
  58. Kiss the Boy Love
  59. Kiss Justin Bieber Love
  60. Cute Monkey Kissing Love
  61. Short Path Puzzle Love
  62. Flying Kiss Love
  63. Kiss Cinema Love
  64. Commuter Cupid Love
  65. Cupid's Exam
    Cupid's Exam 0 254 Cupid's Exam Cupid's Exam
  66. Idyllic Lake Love
  67. Marry Zac Efron Love
  68. Woman on Top Love
  69. Galaxy Angel Love
  70. Luvboat Habbo
  71. Kiss Call Love
  72. Mein Lieber Johnny Love
  73. Kiss Off Love
  74. Quick Love
    Quick Love 0 188 Quick Love Quick Love
  75. Cupid and Anteros Love
  76. Heartbreaker Love