Luffy Boxing Challenge Game

On this page, you'll play the game Luffy Boxing Challenge, one of your best free one piece games!!! This is a power pack challenging game, where you need to go for boxing with the famous boxing star. As you are fighting with a skilled boxer, you need to do the right punch on him to win all five combos. Winning 5 combos will help you to get the game in your favor. Remember to complete all five punches within 20 seconds. If you cannot finish all five tasks within the given time, you will lose. So don?t' falter to take the challenge and give your power punch to your competitor.

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Luffy Boxing Challenge Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on START GAME button to start boxing. To punch the boxing start, CLICK on different parts of the boxer image. If your punch is right, it will be numbered as a Combo. Follow the time at the right side time bar. Move mouse swiftly to use all five power pack punches to win the game. If failed to complete on time, CLICK on PLAY AGAIN button to restart the game.
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