Makeover Games

Makeover games are a lot of fun, and they are easy to play as well. Some modern Flash makeover games look very similar to the cut-and-paste figure pieces in magazines where the purpose of the game is to place different clothes and accessories on the shape of a person. Many people like to play makeover because it allows them to express their creative fashion sense in a fun and simple way. Read more about our 47 makeover games ...

While most makeover games are remarkably similar to each other, you will probably want to try more than one. The basic controls of a makeover game usually involve dragging and dropping clothes and accessory shapes onto the central character. Your character might be male or female, and you will have the option to add different styles of makeup to enhance or dramatize their facial appearance. Many makeover games provide you with a lot of variety, making it easy for you to get carried away messing around with the look of your character. Finally, you will end up with a stylish look that closely matches your own personal tastes and preferences in high fashion. Or maybe you will want to make your character look silly and eccentric. Either way you are bound to have good deal of fun with makeover games.