Makeup Games

The boys play way too many games online. But hey, the girls can have as much fun as they want, too! After all, there are free makeup games for girls of all ages here on this page. You can learn to put on makeup on cartoon characters or real-life celebrities! Read more about our 254 makeup games ...

If you want to put makeup on Hayden Panattiere, you can! One of the makeup games here allows you to apply blush, lipstick, and eye makeup on Hayden. You can even scrub her skin to remove oiliness. You can even use soap on her face before you start putting makeup on her. A face mask is also available if you want her skin to look amazing. But if you prefer to put makeup on another celebrity, how about going for Ryan Gosling? You can choose his eyewear, choose his clothes, and even put lipstick on him. Try to make him look camera-ready and see if you do better than your friends after you share the game with them. If you don't like giving makeovers for celebrities, you can try playing Zodiac Makeover instead. You can choose hairstyles, foundation, eye color, and even eyebrows. Have fun giving makeovers for everyone!
  1. Bollywood Star Kareena Make Up
  2. Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Makeup
  3. Amaia Salamanca Makeup
  4. Indian Wedding Makeup
  5. Moving to Manhattan Makeup
  6. Kim Kardashian Makeup
  7. Adriana Makeup
  8. Salsa Dancer Makeover
  9. Marilyn Monroe Makeup
  10. Sandra Bullock Makeover
  11. Hayden Pannettiere Facial Makeover
  12. Selena Gomez Before After Makeup
  13. Michael Jackson Makeup
  14. Pastel Make-up Colors
  15. Fluffly Monsterette Makeup
  16. Taylor Swift Makeover
  17. Princess in Love Makeover
  18. Mila Kunis Makeover
  19. Rapunzel Facial Makeover
  20. Indian Girl Makeover
  21. Indian Fashion Makeup
  22. Indian Girl Facial Makeover
  23. Etude House Makeup
  24. Demi Lovato Makeover
  25. Hollywood Party Prep Facial
  26. Egyptian Queen Makeover
  27. Prom Queen Facial Makeover
  28. Princess Cinderella Facial Makeover
  29. Ariana Grande Makeover
  30. Last Minute Makeover Shop Assistant
  31. Makeover Designer
  32. Beauty Bride Facial Makeover
  33. Face Painting Makeup
  34. Warm Make-up Colors
  35. Music Awards Makeover
  36. Jennifer Lawrence Make-Up
  37. Blond Princess Makeup
  38. Nina Dobrev Make Up
  39. Strawberry Love Facial Makeover
  40. Gypsy Beauty Makeover
  41. Facial Yoga Makeover
  42. Selena Gomez Makeup
  43. Cocktail Party Makeover
  44. Ashley Benson Make-Up
  45. Zodiac Makeover Sagittarius
  46. The Wanted Makeover
  47. Megan Fox Makeup
  48. Bridal Beauty Makeover
  49. Flower Fairy Facial Makeover
  50. Mommy and Me Makeover
  51. Taylor Swift Before After Makeup
  52. Nelly Furtado Before After Makeup
  53. Make up Wonders
  54. Blake Lively Style Makeup
  55. Ivy League Makeover Harvard
  56. Emma Watson Celebrity Makeover
  57. Beauty Nail Fad Makeup
  58. Zodiac Makeover Libra
  59. True Make Up Mobile
  60. Caribbean Cruise Makeover
  61. Natural Look Makeover
  62. TinkerBell Makeover
  63. Nicki Minaj Makeup
  64. Twilight Makeup
  65. Girl Scout Day Makeover
  66. Journalist Makeover
  67. Fabulous Hair Curl Makeover
  68. Shay Mitchell Make Up
  69. Teenager Before After Makeup
  70. Romantic Sweetheart Makeover
  71. Dakota Fanning Makeover
  72. Snow White Facial Makeover
  73. Rihanna Facial Makeover
  74. Rihanna Makeover Session
  75. Drew Barrymore Make Up
  76. Happy Women's Day Makeover
  77. Paris Fashion Week Makeover
  78. Minka Kelly Make-Up
  79. Redhead Makeover
  80. Grammy Award Makeover
  81. Hollywood Hall of Fame 7 Makeup
  82. Hipster Sister Makeover
  83. Bella's Vampire Makeover
  84. Disco Queen Makeover
  85. Snow White Make Up
  86. Twilight Breaking Dawn Makeover
  87. Tokio Hotel Before After Makeup
  88. Ravishing Beauty
  89. Date Preparation Make Up
  90. Makeover Salon
  91. Virtual Make Up
  92. HHH Makeup
    HHH Makeup 0 600 HHH Makeup HHH Makeup
  93. Brooklyn Girl Makeover
  94. Splendid Beauty Makeover
  95. Susan Ward Makeover
  96. Makeover Madness
  97. Zendaya Coleman Makeover
  98. Beyonce Makeup
  99. Magnetic Makeup
  100. The Voice of America Dress Up
  101. Make Me Beautiful Selena Gomez Makeup
  102. Ball Prep Makeover
  103. Lady Chef
    Lady Chef 0 515 Lady Chef Lady Chef
  104. Alice Eve Makeup
  105. Megan Fox Make-up
  106. Meet the Parents Makeover
  107. Fashion Idol Makeover
  108. Chinese Spa Facial Beauty
  109. Sapphire Club Opening Prep
  110. Private Girl Makeover
  111. Dress Up, Hairtcut and Makeup
  112. Milan Glam Girl Makeover
  113. Vanessa Hudgens Makeup
  114. Mizzi Makeup
    Mizzi Makeup 0 489 Mizzi Makeup Mizzi Makeup
  115. Lina's Fruity Beauty Makeover
  116. Nice Makeup
    Nice Makeup 0 476 Nice Makeup Nice Makeup
  117. Cleopatra Fashion Makeover
  118. College Girl Makeover
  119. Emma Watson Before After Makeup
  120. Air Hostess Last Minute Makeover
  121. Jessie J Makeover
  122. Rihanna Before After Makeup
  123. Pink Theme Makeover
  124. Stunning Spring Make Up
  125. Britney Spears Makeup
  126. Sweet Milla Jovovich Makeover
  127. Lady Gaga Makeup
  128. Blind Date Makeover
  129. Justin Bieber Makeover
  130. Celebrity Looks Copy
  131. Rihanna Makeup
  132. Weekend Getaway Makeup
  133. California Girl Makeover
  134. Ski Lift Make Up
  135. Movie Premiere Makeover
  136. EMO Style Makeup
  137. Animal Print Fan Makeover
  138. Free Makeup
    Free Makeup 0 406 Free Makeup Free Makeup
  139. Fashionista Facial Makeover
  140. Vintage Headwear
  141. Valentine's Day Facial Makeover
  142. Boho Chic Girl Makeover
  143. Sexy Eyes Club
  144. Dating My Crush Makeover
  145. Nail Salon Makeup
  146. Lolita Makeover
  147. Teen Beauty Makeover
  148. Best Bride Makeover
  149. Miley Cirus Makeup
  150. Asian Make Up
  151. Japan Makeup
    Japan Makeup 0 332 Japan Makeup Japan Makeup
  152. Brooklyn Decker Makeover
  153. Chunky Choker Necklace
  154. Katy Perry Makeover
  155. One Direction Makeover
  156. Beautiful Blonde Makeover
  157. Prom Preparation Makeover
  158. Model Dream Factory Makeup
  159. Pink Carpet Facial
  160. Babysitter Facial Makeover
  161. Ryan Gosling Makeover
  162. Silver Bride Makeover
  163. Eco Friendly Makeover
  164. Polly Pocket Makeover
  165. Oscar's Nominee Preparation
  166. Cute Doll Make Up
  167. Ice Skating Princess Makeover
  168. Ashley Greene Makeover
  169. Magazine Model Makeover
  170. Blake's Show Rush Makeover
  171. Emily Blunt Makeover
  172. Greek Goddess Makeover
  173. Charlize Teron Makeover
  174. Beautiful Shakira Makeover
  175. Celebrity Vanessa Hudgens Makeover
  176. Hawaii Vacation Makeover
  177. Jennifer Aniston Makeup
  178. Date Makeover
  179. Make Up time !
  180. Seductive Vampire Makeover
  181. Shy Girl Beauty Makeover
  182. Magic Summer Party Make-Up
  183. Asian Makeup
    Asian Makeup 0 259 Asian Makeup Asian Makeup
  184. Lydia Beauty Makeover
  185. Young Woman Makeup
  186. Demi Lovato Facial & Makeup
  187. Jessica Alba Makeover
  188. Bella Thorne Makeover
  189. Snow Queen Makeover
  190. Ashley Benson Makeover
  191. Will Smith MIB3 Makeup
  192. Halloween Rihanna Face Makeover
  193. Comical Clown Make-Up
  194. First Date Makeover
  195. Kristen Stewart Look Makeup
  196. Sleepover Party Makeover
  197. Dating Dr. McDreamy Makeover
  198. Natasha Calis Makeover
  199. Cute Geeky Girl Makeover
  200. Michael Jackson Celebrity Makeover
  201. Gorgeus Elle Fanning Makeover
  202. Online Makeup
  203. Brunette Beautiful Makeover
  204. Christian Serratos Makeover
  205. Lauren Conrad Makeover
  206. Paris Hilton Make Up
  207. Ashley Vs Vanessa Make Up
  208. Make Me Pretty Before After Makeup
  209. Sofia the Geek Makeover
  210. Blonde Girl Easy Make-Up
  211. Special Bride Makeover
  212. Zack Efron Before After Makeup
  213. Brad Pitt Makeup
  214. Radiant Girl Makeover
  215. Girl Makeup
    Girl Makeup 0 186 Girl Makeup Girl Makeup
  216. Bin and Sue Makeup
  217. Jennifer Lopez Makeover
  218. Fiona Beauty Makeover
  219. Teenager Makeup
  220. Fascinating Photoshoot Makeover
  221. Blake Lively Makeup
  222. Beauty Makeup
  223. Miley Cyrus Makeup
  224. Berenice Marlohe Makeover
  225. Girl Game Makeup
  226. News Reporter Makeover
  227. Lace Girl Make Up
  228. Gobble Gobble Makeover
  229. City Walk Makeover
  230. Charming VIP Makeover
  231. Cheerleader Preparation Makeover
  232. Mommy to be Pampering
  233. Spring Look Makeover
  234. Pijama Party Makeover
  235. Winter Elf Makeover
  236. Cool Niall Horan Makeover
  237. Ski Lift Make-up
  238. Selena Gomez Makeup