Mario 2 Mushroom Adventure Game

On this page, you'll play the game Mario 2 Mushroom Adventure, one of your best free mario games!!! Mario 2 Mushroom Adventure has Mario in the second version of the original game. Here again, Mario is traversing through different terrain, collecting coins, bumping open surprise bonuses, killing enemies and progressing to the next level. Mushrooms enhance his strength and size. Jump on the monsters and turtles to kill them; but beware of the dead turtle shell that is zipping, it could kill you. Complete each level to unlock the next.

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Mario 2 Mushroom Adventure Game controls, cheat codes, ...
To start playing the game, click the Play Game button. You can control Mario by using the up arrow = jump, down arrow = crouch or slip down the level pipes, left and right arrows = to move forward or backward, and the Space key = shoot enemies. Collect coins and surprise gifts to increase score and strength.
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