Mario Gunslinging Mushrooms Game

On this page, you'll play the game Mario Gunslinging Mushrooms, one of your best free mario games!!! Mario is a great superhero and he wants to help everyone that is in trouble. It seems that there is a mushroom infestation problem in this area and Mario is the perfect person to deal with them. They will come in waves trying to hurt you and you will have to shoot them all. Yoshi will give you various bonuses and you can replenish your ammo or get more health by picking up the packages.

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Mario Gunslinging Mushrooms Game controls, cheat codes, ...
You can get Mario into action by LEFT CLICKing on the PLAY GAME button in the menu. The controls are listed in the lower area of the screen: you can move Mario up and down by pressing the UP and DOWN arrow keys and sideways by using the LEFT and RIGHT keys. You will be able to aim by moving the mouse and when you want to shoot, you can LEFT CLICK the mouse. Switch the weapons by pressing the 1-4 keys.
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