Mario Truck Egg Delivery Game

On this page, you'll play the game Mario Truck Egg Delivery, one of your best free mario games!!! In Mario Egg Delivery, Mario need to deliver eggs in his truck to different dinosaurs. The terrain is tough, so don?t crash. Pick up all the coins on the way to increase your score. Check out who needs the eggs and deliver them correctly. Reach the finish line safely to complete the level and progress to the next. Each level is time-based, the faster you complete the level the more time bonus you can gain.

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Mario Truck Egg Delivery Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the Start button to launch the game. You can control Mario?s truck by using the up arrow = accelerate, down arrow = reverse, and left and right arrows = lean left or right and balance the vehicle. Collect all the coins. Click the Space key to deliver Eggs. Reach the finish line to complete the level.
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