Martian's Romantic Kissing Game

On this page, you'll play the game Martian's Romantic Kissing, one of your best free avatar games!!! The two main characters from the Avatar movie are back in this game and you will have to help them get together. They love each other a lot but the guards who came and invaded their planet will not let them touch, let alone kiss each other. Because of this, you will have to pay attention at the guard's movements and when he is not paying attention, you will have to get the two lovers to kiss each other.

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Martian's Romantic Kissing Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Start the game by LEFT clicking on the Play button. The two characters will appear into the forest. You will have to get them kiss, but you will have to pay attention at the signals that appear in order to take them apart. LEFT click and hold the mouse button in order to make the two kiss each other in order to score. Whenever you feel that a guard is coming, release the LEFT mouse button.
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