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On this page, you'll play the game Medival Princess, one of your best free fashion games!!! The Medival Princess depends on your fashion sense to get her dressed for the royal court. The game opens to many sartorial possibilities, and the buttons on the top of the right hand side panel open up endless choices of dress, accessories, skin color, eye make-up and lip gloss? all depending on what mood you are in. If it is a gothic princess you desire, go for the dark, grunge look, and if it is a sweet belle that catches your fancy, do go ahead with the look. The first button helps choose the skin, eye makeup, lips, the shape of the nose and mouth, while the next gives you endless opportunities for styling the hair. The other choices are dress, robe, fashionable shoes, head gear and other accessories. The number of looks you can create are endless. Once you are done with the look, find her a perfect background to go with her look. Choose from ornate interiors to scenic countryside or a mystical night in the woods. Explore till you run out of options, which won?t be too soon!

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Medival Princess Game controls, cheat codes, ...
The game is mouse based, and you can choose all options with the click of the mouse. CLICK PLAY to begin the game, and then CLICK on the desired square shaped buttons to bring the look you desire to life. Yu can CLICK the Reset button if you are not happy with the look you are creating, and click DONE if you are. You can Save the look to look at later, and click Play Again to start all over.
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