Mermaid Mix n Match Game

On this page, you'll play the game Mermaid Mix n Match, one of your best free dress up games!!! The gorgeous game of Mermaid Mix n match is made of fantasies and mystical elements. This petite mermaid is lonely by the sea, and she is waiting for her man to emerge from the waters and take her in his arms. Before the two lovers meet, the mermaid needs to change into something pretty, so she can look lovely for her man. Find the options of skin color, eye color, hair color and accessories on the tabs shaped like mirrors on the right side of the game page and click on them to choose a look for her. You can use ancient jewellery to dress her up, and decorate her tail to make it look beautiful. You can even use old world face paint for that mystical mermaid look. Use various options to create new looks and take printouts for each look you create. There is also a preset option, and you can use those too. Make her the prettiest woman in all of aqua world and fill her life with love and joy.

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Mermaid Mix n Match Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Mermaid Mix n Match game with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse. LEFT CLICK on the PLAY icon to begin playing the game. the options are on the right side of the page in tabs. LEFT CLICK on a mirror shaped tab to find options of a particular group. Repeatedly LEFT CLICK to change options and choose one. The REFRESH icon on the bottom of the page is for the preset options. LEFT CLICK on it to browse through the options. If you want to start afresh in the middle of the game, LEFT CLICK on the CROSS icon, and the image of the mermaid will get back to the one you began with. LEFT CLICK on DONE button to see the final look you created. LEFT CLICK on the PRINTER ion to take a PRINTOUT and save the image for later. To begin playing again, LEFT CLICK on the PLAY AGAIN button.
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