Merry Sweet Shop Game

On this page, you'll play the game Merry Sweet Shop, one of your best free girls games!!! You opened yourself a sweet shop and you want to provide quality services and goods. You have various sweets in the shop and everyone wants something else, but you must be ready to serve them all. It should not be too difficult to do this, but when too many customers appear, you might have to move faster. You can lose a few customers, but there is a limit during each level and you must not pass it.

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Merry Sweet Shop Game controls, cheat codes, ...
To start the day at the sweet shop, you just have to LEFT CLICK on the PLAY button. You will then appear at the sweets shelf and as the customers come by, they will ask for various sweets. You can hover your mouse over them to see again the order. You can LEFT CLICK on an item to place it on the tray. After you do this, you can LEFT CLICK and DRAG the tray towards the customer.
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