MHHF Blazing Elves Game

On this page, you'll play the game MHHF Blazing Elves, one of your best free beat em up games!!! MHHF Blazing Elves has its background set against the magical world of Angelis, which contains the Magic Source and is now under the threat of evil powers. It is your responsibility to save Angelis. You need to find the mutant evil powers. The more mutants you kill, the greater will be your power. Keep an eye on the power meter to know how you are faring. The tips help you know how many combined hits you need to bring down the enemy. Some enemies die and give you special weapons that you can use in your combat.

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MHHF Blazing Elves Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click the START GAME button to launch the game and select your hero. A story appears explaining the background of the game. Press the ESC key to move on. Press J to go through the conversation or Press ESC key to continue with the game. You can control your hero using W = move up, S = move down, A = move back, and D = move forward. J = attack enemies, L = use extra weapons gained, and K = jump. Kill enemies to boost your power meter.
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