Military Car Games

There are boring, generic car games, and then there are hyped-up, maxed-out, really awesome military car games! Playing the latter is much more challenging and possibly even more rewarding. If you're looking for military car games that will get you hooked, try the ones in this collection. Have fun playing! Read more about our 42 military car games ...

If you're looking for serious games, try playing Russian Jeep. In this game, your military sector has been attacked by an enemy fleet composed of helicopters. Use your rocket launcher to destroy these helicopters ? they will attack your home base if you don't. They also carry upgrades and bonuses that you will need to improve your rocket launcher's performance. But if that game is too violent for you and you just want to have some fun, you can always play Sponge Bob Dangerous Jeep. Here, Sponge Bob is driving a military jeep but is at risk of falling off the cliff if you don't build wooden bridges to connect the gaps in the path. The objective of the game is easy, but clicking on small dots while the screen is moving continuously is going to be a challenge. You can go for the usual racing games or mission games, too. Enjoy!