Mini Jeep Ride Game

On this page, you'll play the game Mini Jeep Ride, one of your best free jeep games!!! Mini Jeep Ride is a fun jeep race game. You have to ensure that the balance of the jeep is maintained throughout while climbing up and down hilly path. On your way you have to collect the bonus points that will get a high score in the game. You will get a total of five chance to complete the level. There are various levels in the game each with a tougher challenge then the previous.

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Mini Jeep Ride Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click on PLAY to begin the game. The UP ARROW KEY will help to accelerate the car and move forward and climb up rocky paths. The DOWN ARROW KEY will help to go in reverse gear. The LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS can be used to maintain the balance of the car when it takes a high jump and lands on plain surface. Ensure that you car does not fall off. Click on the MUSIC option to mute the background music.
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