Moccasin Winter Boots Game

On this page, you'll play the game Moccasin Winter Boots, one of your best free decorating games!!! You are a well known designer and a girl has an interesting offer for you. She wants a pair of moccasins, but she want something more than a plain pair of boots. This is why she wants to do design something unique for her. She trusts your tastes, so you have all of the liberty that you want in the process of creating the perfect boots. You can also change the shape of the boot.

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Fulfill the girl's wish and create a pair of unique moccasins by LEFT CLICKING on the PLAY button to open the workshop. There are multiple categories that you can expand and you can open each one by LEFT CLICKING on it. Afterwards, as the specific items appear in the sidebar, you can easily LEFT CLICK on one of them and it will be instantly applied onto the boot.
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