Mode Hair Styling Game

On this page, you'll play the game Mode Hair Styling, one of your best free hair games!!! Mode hair dressing a beautiful Hair Dressing game, where you will be given two different modes to dress the hair of a model. In this game, you need to experiment with different hairdressing tools to provide a perfect look to that model. By playing this game you will get an idea about the steps of hairdressing. Apart from this you can also measure your knowledge about a stylish hairdo through this two different mode based hair dressing game.

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Mode Hair Styling Game controls, cheat codes, ...
To enjoy the Mode hair Styling game, click on the PLAY button. In the new window, you will notice two different modes. Challenge Mode and Free Mode. If you want to experiment with different modes, then select Challenge Mode and from the new screen, pick the first model. Now use the hair dressing kits and accessories one after another to give that selected look. If you want to do the hairdressing to some selected models, then CLICK on the Free mode and to hair dress the male/female model accordingly.
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