Monster Truck Trip 3 Game

On this page, you'll play the game Monster Truck Trip 3, one of your best free monster truck games!!! Monster Truck Trip 3 is an interesting truck driving game where you need to drive your truck across an obstacle filled path. You have nitro power to boost your speed and power where required. Keep an eye on the Nitro meter to know how much power you can use. Collect all the stars on the way to increase your score. Crush all the obstacles in your path to increase your achievements and gain more cash in hand. You can use this money to procure your upgrades. Complete the trail as soon as possible to achieve a time bonus, which adds to your score and money. Enjoy driving your monster truck. Take care not to crash!

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Click the START GAME button to begin. Customize your truck as per your preferences, choose a gaming level, and shop for upgrades based on the money in hand. Read the instructions and press any key to proceed to the game. You can control the truck by using the UP arrow = accelerate, DOWN arrow = brake or reverse, LEFT and RIGHT arrows = lean back or forward and balance the truck, and the Z key = Nitro power. Drive the truck across the obstacle filled trail by crushing all the obstacles in your path. Reach the finish line quickly to gain a time bonus. Collect the stars to increase score.
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