Mountain Bike Games

Mountain biking is the sport of riding or racing on a bicycle that is modified specifically for riding on dirt and up and over hills. Various mountain bikes have two or more gears and are meant for specific types of riding and racing. There are many different kinds of courses and mountain trails and paths can be quite challenging to ride. Of course, riding on a mountain bike in real life can be very difficult and even dangerous, which is why playing mountain bike games is often much more satisfying. Read more about our 21 mountain bike games ...

While mountain biking can be a solo task simply for fun and enjoyment, serious mountain bikers often participate in races and trials. The most experienced of riders do a solo trial, which is a timed event and requires great skill and concentration. Many of us will fail to achieve this level of ability in real life but that is what is so great about mountain bike games. Ride in solo trials in some of the games and work to beat your own best time and that of other riders. Try riding in various environments and situations that range from realistic to silly, such as riding naked or biking through ocean waves. No matter what you choose to play, you must learn not to fall off your bike in order to make it to the next level, but watch out, since traps abound! There are many different courses and challenges, from road races to ATV races to the Tour de France. These games are great for players of all ages and abilities and for girls and boys alike. Enjoy playing these free games as much as you would like!