Naruto Patch the Pixels Game

On this page, you'll play the game Naruto Patch the Pixels, one of your best free naruto games!!! Arrange the scrambled pieces on the grid to form a picture. It is a simple puzzle game, specially designed for the kids, to help them learn the basics of shape and learn puzzle solving. The easy controls and simple interface makes it one of the best puzzle games around. However, for those who think it to be much too easy, they can always choose the difficulty settings and play it the hard way.

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Naruto Patch the Pixels Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Click on PLAY to enter the game. Click the difficulty level and then select any of the pictures by choosing 1, 2 or 3. LEFT CLICK on it. LEFT CLICK on the missing pieces on the right and drag it to position in the left. Once you have completed the same, click on the NEXT button in the right. This would bring in the next image. The entire game is to be played with help from mouse. Using the keyboard is not required.
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